September 2017

How to improve your Agency’s profitability, customer service and customer engagement
By Global Administrator

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As an Agency Principal operating a multi office group with a network of office, you understand that your current ‘phone system’ can no longer cope with today’s business demands and customer service expectations.
So, having identified your need for a better customer and client communication solution, instead of your existing ‘phone system’, you’re confused as to what system you really need?

In this series of 3 blog posts we’ll explore the 3 critical steps in deploying a communication solution;

  • Evaluation
  • Purchase
  • Implementation.

In today’s evaluation post, we’ll look at choosing the right telecommunication partner and communication solution.

As a successful Agency Principal, you understand the key communication priorities of your Real Estate business but are unsure of how to map these priorities and requirements with the potential communication solutions available.

The best way forward is to;

Engage a communication company that understands the trends, technology requirements and business processes of the Real Estate industry.

Engage a communication company that takes a consultative approach to your specific business communication needs.

By adopting a more solution requirements, rather system based e approach to evaluating a communication solution the Agency Principal can;

  1. Evaluate communication solutions rather than communication products.
  2. Match the technology requirements to the business operating environment.
  3. Receive insights to improve business engagement and processes that may have been overlooked or not identified earlier.
  4. Adopt a unified communications strategy.
  5. Ensure the communication solution provides a multi-channel customer view.
  6. Receive impartial and telecommunication vendor neutral advice.
  7. Focus not only on reduced telephony costs but the value of improved customer engagement and improved Agency profitability.

It easy to simply focus on reducing the Agency and networks overall telephony and infrastructure costs as a bottom line metric, but in our view, this needs to put in the context of the greater financial value gained from improved customer engagement, satisfaction and retention.

Imagine the value of converting just one more prospect from a vendor enquiry into a vendor listing. Just do the sums, how much is your average commission? Now multiply that figure by 12.

How much would that add to your bottom line just from focusing on improved customer engagement?

At MA Communications, we offer Real Estate communication solutions and consulting services for Agencies of all sizes, from national organisations that require sophisticated call routing and reporting, multimedia, self-service and outbound campaign capabilities through to smaller state based franchise groups that are looking to provide improved customer engagement through Unified Communications.