Seven Steps To Buying Your Own Home

1) Find An Agent

Choose DF Johnson Real Estate! Come and meet our team, we have got the right agents to help you find the right property.

2) Make A Wish List

Create a wish list to determine your ideal home. There are some things that need to be considered before buying a home or investment property such as; which suburb, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, yard size and garage spaces. With a wish list you will be able to narrow down the available homes to something within your specifications.

3) Determine Your Budget And Overall Costs

Be realistic about what you can afford. On top of mortgage payments, there are unexpected costs like legal fees and building reports. At DF Johnson our sales people will be able to help you calculate your monthly mortgage repayments and identify those extra expenses that may occur.

4) Find Out About Current Market Conditions

What is the current market condition? Let our agents explain to you the difference between a Buyers Market, Sellers Market and Balanced Market, to help you figure out the best time to buy.

5) Find A Home & Make An Offer

Let our agents help find the right property for you. Once you have found the property that ticks all the boxes make an offer to purchase.

6) The Legal Work

If your offer was accepted, then your solicitor will need to check over the details and prepare the legal paper work for signing. A payment for the property will also need to be made.

7) Possession Of Your New Home

After settlement you’ll be in possession of your new home and you can move in. Use our moving checklist to make your move as smooth and as stress free as possible.