How we can help you get the highest price

In a nutshell. “We believe that nobody can get you a better price than us and we GUARANTEE that you won’t have to pay a cent – not for anything, advertising or any costs or any commission – until your home is sold and you are happy with both the price and the service”.

Our agency is ‘Jenman Approved’ which means that our real estate systems are based on a strict Code of Ethics and Client Care. No-one else in the real estate industry comes close to what we do – either for you, our team members or our valued clients, the home-sellers. Do some research and you’ll find some clues – we are not popular with many of our competitors but we are hugely popular with our clients. Please check out and see what we mean!

Our sales team is hand-picked and highly trained negotiators to you can get the highest price! We have a system to get you the highest price and it’s guaranteed. Use the following 7 questions by Neil Jenman to mystery shop our competitors and test their ABILITY to sell your home for the Highest Possible Price and see how we compare.

Seven Questions to Test your Agent

Are you the best agent to sell our home? If yes, WHY?

Have you ever read a book on negotiation? If yes, which book and what did you learn that will help us?

How do you plan to get us a better price than other agents?

Which is more important to you: the lowest prices we will accept as a seller or the highest price that buyers will pay?

How do you discover the highest price buyers will pay?

If you recommend public auction, how do you make sure that buyers offer the highest price they are willing to pay?

Do you have any QUALIFICATIONS in real estate negotiation?