Frequently asked questions

How are tenants screened?

The Property Management team at D F Johnson Real Estate will put your prospective tenants through a rigorous screening process. Prospective tenants are required to fill out an application form, which enables us to check past rental references, personal and work references as well as employment and salary details to make sure that we find you the best available tenants.

How much bond will a tenant(s) pay?

At the start of the tenancy, new tenants will be required to pay four weeks rent as bond. This money will be held by the Rental Bond Board.

What is the bond used for?

The bond will provide protection for any damage that can be attributed to the tenant that is not considered to be just normal wear and tear./p>

Who pays for water usage?

For the majority of units and older style blocks of flats etc, there is no individual water meter. Thus in this situation, a tenant cannot be charged water usage. However, if the property has an individual water meter and has been updated with the legally prescribed water efficiency devices, then a tenant can be charged the water usage amount.

In order to ensure that our owners do not receive any late penalties, your Property Manager will ensure that the water bill is paid in full by the owner of the property at the time that we receive it. We will then invoice the tenant, the water usage part of the bill, and then reimburse you this amount once we have collect the money from the tenant. Alternatively, if an owner wishes to pay the water bill for themselves, they can then give a copy of the bill to their Property Manager, who will invoice the tenant the usage amount.

How long does it take to find a tenant for my property?

The Property Management team at D F Johnson Real Estate works hard to ensure that you can expect the lowest possible vacancy rate for your property. We have employed a full time leasing consultant to ensure that we find you the best possible tenant quickly and efficiently every time.

How will my property manager determine the rental amount for my property?

When considering the appropriate rental amount for your investment property, your Property Manager will consider the following influencing factors –

  1. The rental value of current properties that are available for rent.
  2. The rental value of properties that we currently manage or have recently rented out
  3. The current rental market demand – Is it high or low?

What is the average length of a tenancy agreement?

The average tenancy lease agreement is either 6months or 12months.

What happens when the lease agreement expires?

It is not necessary to renew a Tenancy Agreement when the fixed term period ends. Thus the agreement continues on a continuation basis. Any lease renewal agreement must be mutually agreed upon between both the tenant and the landlord. A landlord cannot insist that their tenant signs a new lease agreement nor can a tenant demand that their landlord signs another lease agreement either.

When the lease has expired, what is the notice period to terminate the lease agreement?

If the lease has expired, the tenant will be required to give 21 days notice and the owner will be required to give 90 days notice.

What is my responsibility in regards to Smoke Alarms?

Landlords have the responsibility to equip the property with working smoke alarms prior to the commencement of the tenancy. However once the tenant has moved in, it becomes the responsibility of the tenant to replace any smoke alarm batteries or to report any faults in the smoke alarms.

Will I have to change the light globes at my property?

Like smoke alarms, Landlords have the responsibility to ensure that prior to the commencement of the tenancy; all light globes are working at their property. However, during the tenancy, it is then the responsibility of the tenant to replace any light globes.

How often will my Property Manager conduct a periodical inspection?

Depending on how frequently you wish for your property to be inspected, your Property Manager will conduct a periodical inspection at you property every 6 or 12 months. Your property manager will notify you as to when the inspection will take place and provide you with a detailed and accurate report of the findings.

As the owner am I allowed to attend these periodical inspections?

Unlike many other real estate offices, the Property Managers at D F Johnson understand that owners may wish to come along to these periodical inspections. Thus we make it a point of service to always notify our landlords of when we will be conducting a periodical inspection of their property, so they can attend if they wish.

As the owner, can I inspect the property whenever I like?

If you wish to inspect your rental property, the tenant needs to be given 7 days notice. The Owner/Agent are limited to a maximum of 4 inspections in any 12 months period.

If I wish to terminate the tenancy agreement, what are my options?

As the owner, you have three options

  1. End of the fixed term - Either party can give at least 30 days notice to end a tenancy when the fixed term of the agreement is due to expire.
  2. End a tenancy after the fixed term has expired - A tenant is required to give at least 21 days notice and the owner must give at least 90 days notice to terminate the agreement any time after the fixed term has ended.
  3. To end a tenancy due to a breach - A 14 day termination notice may be given at anytime, if the tenant is more that 14 days in arrears or if either party breaches a term of the lease agreement.

Can a tenant break the tenancy agreement?

In some rare instances, tenants may ask to terminate their Residential Tenancy Agreement. If a tenant wishes to break the lease agreement and vacate the property before the end of their lease, the tenant must pay a break fee of the following amount -

  • When the fixed term is for less than three years, the tenant must pay 6 weeks rent if less than half of the lease term has expired or the tenant must pay 4 weeks rent in any other case.

Who will handle the repairs and maintenance requirements?

At D F Johnson Real Estate, we have a large network of trusted trades people who are able to complete any maintenance request we require. Your Property Manager will be responsible for arranging any repairs that need to be done at your property.

How often will I receive a statement?

Owners have the option of receiving their statements at the end of the month or at both mid month and end of month. These statements can be emailed or posted to you.